# Health API

# 1. Summary

This specification describes the health API endpoint. The /health route allows to verify the status and availability of a Meilisearch instance.

# 2. Motivation

To know the status of a Meilisearch instance, /health is a public route that can be long pooled with simple monitoring tools.

# 3. Functional Specification

# 3.1. health API resource properties

Field Type Required
status String True

# 3.1.1. status

  • Type: String
  • Required: True
  • Default: available

Returns the status of a Meilisearch instance, the only possible value is available.

# 3.2. API Endpoints Definition

# 3.2.1. GET - health

Retrieves the status of a Meilisearch instance.

200 - Response body

        "status": "available"

All properties must be returned when the resource is retrieved.

# 3.2.2. Endpoint access

This route is always public and access to it cannot be protected by an API key.

# 2. Technical Details


# 3. Future Possibilities