# Version API

# 1. Summary

This specification describes the version API endpoint. The /version route allows to check the version of a running Meilisearch instance.

# 2. Motivation

Since users don't always have SSH access at hand, it can be useful to give information about the version concerned when they encounter a bug or a problem.

# 3. Functional Specification

# 3.1. version API resource properties

Field Type Required
commitSha String True
commitDate String True
pkgVersion String True

# 3.1.1. commitSHa

  • Type: String
  • Required: True

The git commit identifier that tagged this release version number.

# 3.1.2. commitDate

  • Type: String
  • Required: True

The date when the version tag has been created.

# 3.1.3. pkgVersion

  • Type: String
  • Required: True

The Meilisearch binary version number.

# 3.2. API Endpoints Definition

# 3.2.1. GET - version

Retrieves the version information of the Meilisearch binary.

200 - Response body

        "commitSha": "b46889b5f0f2f8b91438a08a358ba8f05fc09fc1",
        "commitDate": "2019-11-15T09:51:54.278247+00:00",
        "pkgVersion": "0.1.1"

All properties must be returned when the resource is retrieved.

# 3.2.2. General Errors

These errors apply to all endpoints described here.

# Auth Errors

The auth layer can return the following errors if Meilisearch is secured (a master-key is defined).

  • 🔴 Accessing this route without the Authorization header returns a missing_authorization_header error.
  • 🔴 Accessing this route with a key that does not have the version action as a permission returns an invalid_api_key error.

# 2. Technical Details


# 3. Future Possibilities