• Title: Optional Meilisearch Front-end
  • Start Date: 2020/11/16
  • specification PR: #8
  • Meilisearch Issue: #411

# Optional Meilisearch Front-end

# First section: Feature Description and Interaction

# Summary

For testing purposes, MeiliSearch is shipped with a frontend that is served at the server's root. This provides the user with a basic GUI to perform searches on his documents. While this is useful in a development environment, this is not necessarily desirable in a production environment. This specification proposes to remove this frontend in a production environment.

# Motivation

This frontend was developed for testing purposes, therefore it should only be present in a development environment.

# Prior Art and R&D


# Explanation

When the option --env or MEILI_ENV is set to production, the frontend is disabled.

# Impact on documentation

Documentation needs to be updated in:

# Second Section: Technical Specifications

# Architecture


# Implementation Details

Pass an argument to create_app to conditionally enable the frontend service.

# Corner Cases


# Third Section: Future possibilities